Sunday, April 13, 2014

First complete sentence?

Proud moment at our house.  Peter’s first sentence (that he wasn’t imitating).  Drumroll, please…  “I juss poop”  (“I just pooped” in case your toddler speak is a little rusty)  The funny part was how he said it.  I saw him crouching in the dining room by a pile of toys.  He was looking so serious, and a bit concerned.  I asked him if he was okay and he looked up at me, kind of sad looking and said it.  It was so pathetic that it was cute.  Did he think I would be mad at him?

Before I had kids, I specifically remember a co-worker’s son saying to his dad that he needed his diaper changed.  I thought, “Seriously, if the kid can say that in a complete sentence, it’s about time he’s potty trained.”  Ha!  So judgmental!  The pre-parent me was a great parent.  In theory, of course.  :) 


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